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×… Follow my newest journey as seen and written by RACHEL SELVIN #Refinery29…

All of Me..... Good Bad Ugly Transformation of Bipolar Multiply Personalities... Now all Integrated as One.
I call this #TrueSelf this is the real me most of the time, lots would say if they knew the real me, you wouldnt like me, for I am a very complicated person or person's I have these high and low's that come on without warning at times, and even though i can feel them splitting me in all directions, i unable to stop the outcome until its to late, there is that one hateful evil raging one that i have suppressed for a long time, now fighting it way out, and all the good that i did, and accomplished may be lost. I m a ticking bomb, the slightest little thing will become a big ordeal for me, and my worst habit is not to let it go, i just cant shake it off, and i can and have cause lots of damage emotionally and physically to myself and those i love the most. Its so easy to say I m sorry, its just a little word, that after awhile seems to lose its meaning to others, But when i do say it I Mean it from my heart, but i too am getting tired of saying it, for those that truly know me know i don not mean no harm or intentionally hurt someone. I have struggle with this illness for years and have had it under control with meds and love and support from loved ones, but they to get tired, I just hope their love for me is strong enough to get pass these horrible months we have all endured. For it is an Illness, not an excuse or cope out, but with all things there are triggers for setting it off or relapsing into this darkness again, I dont expect you to walk on eggshells but i do expect you to understand that it was a long journey for me to get where i am today, and the actions of other's have their effect on me and set this wheel in motion too. I m tired, of being the one to get help, to take the meds to make allowance's and to keep apologizing for who I am, I am a good woman, loving caring and loyal I will take that bullet for you, in a heartbeat, but i won't let anyone push my buttons any longer, its like that damn Red Nuclear Button once you push it there's only a set time to de code it or Boom! Im become very toxic, even to me, and it makes me so physically ill as well. Doesnt excuse or give me the right to be bossy or controlling, i know i can be very controlling. But hey at the end of the day... This is Me! accept me with for who I am with faults and all, for I accept you with yours... So here are that simple word.... I am Sorry for being hurtful but im not sorry for who i am.... I love you , hope you will love me too <3
Reason for me posting this publicly is to show you (you know who you are) that i dont hide nor do i deny how bitchy I am, I am sweet and cool but like everyone else we all have our inner demons we struggle with everyday for most. So now that i have exposed my true inner self, I hope you will still love me, and accept me. I just a little old woman from #harlem with a big heart but also with a big mouth
But most importantly this goes to show that you can overcome any obstacle’s life throws at you, weather it be physically or mentally, no matter what size shape color or gender or even someone telling you can’t ! There is no such word, you CAN DO IT! I DID......

But I have now learned to separate one from the other and thanks to my husband Ralph DeJesus and mercommunity’s support and love I have found my true self, and as a Mermaid I have found my true calling and I have finally become one whole being.... I am The Harlem Mermaid I m happiest when i in the sea for that’s where I m Free to be Me <3
Be kind to each other be supportive of one another lets build each other up no tear us down, this goes for Family Friends Mermaids Merfolks alike #Unite #MentalHealth

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  Our MerWedding Day 
  #ncmerfest2014 #merwedding #mercouple fairytail wedding video by: 
Lindsey Fazzinga… 

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I was meant to be someone special. 

After watching Mr. Peabody and The Mermaid I knew what it was I wanted

to be A Mermaid!   


After entering photoshop contest on NCMerfest page given by MerKing Christomer,

at merfriends advice, I won first prize which was 

Round trip to NCMerfest 2014 Mermaid Gathering! omg  I was beyond excited! 

on of the conditions i needed a mermaid tail, which is how i started photoshopping 

myself in fishes tail, and now i was going to be one, so my hubby watched video on how 

to make it, and said I can do that , your going ! Long story short... He made my first 

spandex blue mermaid tail. Went to NCMerfest and there I became a Mermaid,

I am now called Harlem Mermaid.


I have now entertain children at our local pools and did my first mermaid Gig, with my 

Merwrangler by my side.  Had so much fun, They now call me Their Mermiad! 


In summer's I also go to Merfriend Meetups hosted by another Mersister and we meet and 

greet children and even adults want to take photos with us mermaids.  I aslo go to my 

special place,  my old childhood stomping grounds at Randalls Island which I now call

my Mermaid Grotto.


And at long last My Fairy Tale MerWedding, I married my MerWrangler in the First 

Pool MerWedding,  which took place at NCMerfest Event 2015.  Last but not least

I have finally won Mermaid of the Month of April on Mermaid's Mineral's Page!

How cool is that!  A fairy tale (tail) life Im Blessed.  My motto is to all:

Dream it, Believe it, Live it! 


Winning Photo NCMerfest 2014Winning Photo NCMerfest 2014

BlueTail NCMerfest 2014
photo by: Steve AntonBlueTail NCMerfest 2014 photo by: Steve Anton

Blue mermaid tail at Marcus Garvey pool 2014Blue mermaid tail at Marcus Garvey pool 2014

Coney Island Mermaid splashing fun with kidsConey Island Mermaid splashing fun with kids

Swimming laps with merfolks at Hansbrough PoolSwimming laps with merfolks at Hansbrough Pool

First Mermaid Gig, Halloween party Hansbrough CenterFirst Mermaid Gig, Halloween party Hansbrough Center

In Randall Island Mermaid GrottoIn Randall Island Mermaid Grotto


NCMerfest 2015 #GagatailNCMerfest 2015 #Gagatail

This is our "Aww Photo" Our MerWedding to my #MerWranglerRalphThis is our "Aww Photo" Our MerWedding to my #MerWranglerRalph

Mermaid of the Month of April! Mermaid Minerals PageMermaid of the Month of April! Mermaid Minerals Page

Lulu Rivera Ok I clicked on the pic good luck 
Question for you when did you feel like you were a mermaid? What entices you about it? Does mermaid really exist? Where in the world do they compete on mermaids? And finally who makes those costumes? How do u get somewhere with it on? How do u walk? My mom loves cows I love cherished teddies which is now discontinued so I guess everyone likes something I just wouldn't become a bear lol
Lulu Rivera's photo.
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Cookie Ramirez lol Thanks cuz Lulu Rivera I wanted to be a mermaid since i was 10 years old and saw Mr.Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948) fell in love and knew that one day i too would be swimming free in the ocean as a mermaid. Yes we do exist in every sense of the word, when i put on my tail, its like im transported to another realm where nothing bad exists only Magic! ,My hubby made my first mermaid tail, Mercreator Ralph and then had another tail maker make my silicone ‪#‎GagaTail‬ which is more realistic. Sadly i would like to say we dont compete , but you do have competition amongs some of the mers, what entices me about mermaiding is the freedom and complete happiness i feel , healthy!! mentally and physcially fit. and to see the looks on the kids faces when they see me at the pool/beach is just priceless to keep the dream alive for them too. As for getting around, thats why we have MerWranglers and MerTenders which carry us from place to place and help us with our tails on in and out of water at times, and taking lots of photos, Thank you cuz for asking me these question makes me happy to be able to share my love of being a mermaid with my family.... love ya,
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Cookie Ramirez

My Mermaid Journal by cookiebaby722

Never in my wildest dreams did I for see me becoming a real live Mermaid. Since I first saw the movie "Mr. Peabody And The Mermaid" I fell in love with everything about Mermaids, and wished I was one too!
Well now 40 years later, I am Proud to announce that I am A Mermaid! My name is Harlem Mermaid.  As I searched online and FB for other mermaids, I was astonished and amazed at how many different pods of mermaids communities there are, i mean wow! i thought i was the only one with this dream , so happy to discover I was not alone in my dream towards reality.  Thanks to NCMerfes Group on FB, where I really become involved and active with other mermaids. In doing so i entered photo shopped contest at dear friends advise, and I won! Trip to First Annual NCMERFEST 2014 Mermaid Gathering in NC. Which is where I became  a real Mermaid! Thanks to my loving husband who made my first mermaid tail, and told me to go live my dream. Im still in awe of all the lovely mermaids and mermen that I now consider my Mer-Family and thank them all for welcoming me as one of their own.  Thank You Mer-Family <3

Just wanted to add this adorable icon from friend, so I don't lose it xooxo
ll :bighug: REVAMP  And I can't express how much joy DeviantART has given me.. thank you and I would like to say TO ALL THE ARTIST'S You Guys Rock!! 
Untitledphotoshoot by cookiebaby722

UntitledWATER by cookiebaby722

Campaign Photo by cookiebaby722
Please Help Me Fulfill My Dream of Being A Mermaid 
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Cookie's Journal

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 1:30 AM
So Loving being part of a such an awesome deviantart family here!

It has been such a productive evening! im very happy with myself tonite, i feel i accomplished quite a bit last nite..

thanks for all your support and help in my journey tonite...

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Never wrote a journal before online.. so dont really know how to begin, except to say how faltered and awestruck iam of all the amazing artist's here, im just a beginner but hope to become half as good as you all, i will be blessed... thats it for now..

My art is basically photoshopping, as you can see i Love Mermaids! :) some tails i've made from real fishes, anything you like  you can use, just link back to me, would make me very happy to see someone actually use something of mine! ..thats My Stock free of use, link me... Please join my deviantArt page on Facebook, Would love it if you joined me in sharing our love for Art, brag, express, post your art and share the on my FB page...
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